Yoga Classes

YogaS is a yoga workout DVD by Mandy Ingber, a fitness and yoga instructor. The reviews of this DVD are mixed; some customers claim that Ingber sometimes fails to provide clear and detailed instructions on how to practice certain techniques and exercises, which can have negative consequences, especially for the beginners who try to follow the workouts. In addition to this, yoga is said to cause some negative effects in people with some diseases and health conditions (such as glaucoma and osteopenia) despite of the popular opinion about being absolutely safe and useful. Some side effects may show in beginners who ignore safety rules and guidance, and try to do some complicated exercises and techniques they are not ready for yet. Thus, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor before starting to practice yoga, and attend yoga classes instead of practicing at home.

A lot has been said about the advantages of practicing yoga, but the success and the positive effect of it depends on the instructor. YogaS workout DVD is unique in a way: it combines yoga postures with fitness exercises. There is an intro starring Jennifer Aniston at the beginning of the DVD, which is quite a successful advertising trick that has attracted a lot of customers' attention to the workout, and made it look promising. However, the DVD has been receiving mixed reviews: some customers find the workouts simple and fun, while others claim the instructor to be unprofessional and bad at explaining. There are quite a few complaints about the quality of the DVD: poor camera work and sound, the lack of smooth transition between the postures, the instructor mumbling and failing to formulate sentences correctly, dropping words such as "like" here and there when she is at a loss of words, etc. This all makes it difficult for some people to follow the instructions and stay focused. Many customers, especially those who already have some yoga experience behind them, admit that too little attention is given to relaxing techniques and meditation, and the very techniques are not always explained properly. In a nutshell: practicing yoga or other type of exercises at home following the instructions from a DVD is not a bad idea itself, and can be quite convenient for many people who prefer training at home to attending classes for various reasons; however, it is important to pick high-quality, professional workout videos, which YogaS doesn't seem to be.