Trouble Falling Asleep

I like this product, it has already helped me to lose 5 lbs within a week, and this is not the end! It also gives me energy and makes me less sleepy, which was my problem all the time before I started taking this. However, it is important to drink a lot of water when you are on this pill, eat healthy food, and exercise. I take one tablet with my breakfast, drink a lot of water with it, and feel excellent during the day. There are no side effects at all; at least I don't suffer from any. I'd recommend this to everyone.

This pill really works, but it is not just a good fat burner, it is also a very strong energizer, and, thus, can be dangerous or simply cause some uncomfortable feelings in those who are too sensitive to caffeine, like me. However, I have found a safe way to take these tablets and avoid side effects: I wake up one hour before I actually have to get up, take one tablet with a glass of water, and then go to bed for one hour. Have something nutritious for breakfast (a boiled egg, or a yoghurt, not just a cup of coffee) to prevent your stomach from going upset. I get up filled with energy and keep energized during the entire day without feeling jittery, and I have no trouble falling asleep at night.

I've been on Sdrex for a week, and lost 8 lbs, and I have experienced no side effects so far. It is a really strong fat burner, appetite suppressor and energizer. I actually had to force myself to eat something, because one day after I started taking this, I wasn't hungry during the day at all, and it felt that I could live all day without eating anything. It really curbed my appetite! However, you do have to eat something (opt for low-calorie food) to avoid stomach issues. Also, do drink a lot of water with the tablets, take them early in the morning, and stay away from coffee, this pill already contains a lot of caffeine, your body surely won't need more!

This stuff does work as a slimming pill and as an energizer (well, it actually gives too much energy!), but the side effects scare me. First, I experienced jitters, dizziness, and even nausea, but this was more or less tolerable; then, after I started a new bottle, I began to have a terrible rash, it felt like my body was on fire, and my face, neck, and arms were red. I even vomited yesterday, it is too much, I think I should stop taking these tablets before I do something really bad to my health.

I got two sample tablets to try this, and the side effects showed up immediately. On the first day, I couldn't eat anything at all, and when I tried to, I felt like I was going to throw up. I also suffered from terrible headaches, and the second day was even worse: I had hot flashes and blood rush to my head, my face and ears felt as if they were burning, and the headache was intolerable. I decided to give up on this; luckily I was wise enough to try sample tablets before preordering the full bottle.

I have acid reflux issues, so I shouldn't have even tried these pills, actually, I used to take it early in the morning with a full glass of water, and it made me almost vomit. I felt nauseous during the day, but I hoped that my body will get used to this pill soon, so I had been taking this for a week and two days before I decided to stop, as the side effects didn't disappear. This pill helps to lose weight and gives energy, but it is really bad for the stomach, and causes digestion issues. Please, read the instructions and product description carefully before you try this (or any other product) to not harm yourselves.